Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling considered the cornerstone of connecting technology. SBI can assist with a fiber infrastructure like lanes on a highway without congestion. Dedicated and private fiber & high speed copper hybrid networks are the cornerstone of any efficient network. Fiber is the fastest known medium in which data that travels at the speed of light, no other technology can compare with the reliability and speed of fiber infrastructure. SBI works with the latest technology and tools to retrofit new or existing commercial on residential or commercial applications in large or small venues.

Pre-existing copper, or any twisted pair is the primary use of todays networks for small to mid size business. At SBI we are true artists and we treat the low voltage wiring with the importance and care that only a low voltage integrator such as SBI can. We value making sure that our cabling meets all local and national code (Bicsi) and all cabling is installed and tested to ensure that your speed and integrity is at the cornerstone of our everyday business. SBI understands that installing and testing all wiring is just the first crucial step in making sure that we connect each client’s devices to work as we build upon the fastest connectivity in fiber or copper to each and every client. Let SBI help you with any structured cabling needs you have for today that is ready to handle the speeds of tomorrow.

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