IoT (Internet of Things)

At SBI, we specialize in developing custom Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can transmit data over the Internet or other networks. IoT devices are pieces of hardware that can be embedded into various equipment, appliances, and machines to collect data and perform specific applications.

While IoT may sound like a futuristic concept, the benefits of using it in building engineering processes are becoming more apparent. By connecting all devices and collecting data in a cloud-based system, building owners can control costs and conserve energy.

SBI offers end-to-end IoT solutions for interconnected applications in buildings and people. Our team provides software, hardware, design, and installation services to enable facilities managers to deploy exciting IoT solutions. We can also help you find solutions for existing issues or develop new ones to provide customizable solutions from hardware to software.

If you have a vision for an IoT solution, we can create it for you. Contact us to learn more about how SBI can help you leverage IoT technology for your building.

Making Your Properties
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Case Study: How We Make Things Smarter!

At SBI, we wanted to show potential investors, banks, and the market our multiple skill sets. To do this, we utilized our unique talents in line with our mission of making things smarter and safer. Our goal was to build a pilot program quickly and launch it within 30 days of conception to continue testing. We accomplished this and produced 5 working units for testing in the marketplace.

Our team brainstormed and created a smart device that met these challenges. We launched a pilot program for a product that met all the requirements. In the current world, SBI recognizes the need for safety, especially with the ongoing threat of a virus that has already claimed many lives. Our product is a contactless thermometer and sanitizer solution, which only notifies you when it needs assistance to be refilled or charged. Our device can send you or your team customizable alerts and parameter triggers.

For example, if an employee’s temperature is over 99 degrees Fahrenheit, the device records the temperature, sanitizes, and alerts you via email or text. Each client has direct access to our web portal, which has end-to-end encryption over a secure network. The data we gather can be sent to one or multiple contacts and can even alert the employee to verify their temperature again. If it fails twice, they must leave the building and contact their supervisor, who was already notified.

Our device is capable of various functions that do not require any contact with it. It measures body temperature, dispenses sanitizer solution, reports sanitizer usage and emptiness, reports temperature pass or fail, reports low battery, records room temperature, and sends customizable alerts and triggers. We can report this data daily, weekly, or monthly and even provide data on how many people have used each device daily. Overall, our product is a smarter approach to safety, utilizing automation and real-time data reporting.

End to End encryption

  • All data transferred over secure network
  • Measure’s body temperature
  • Dispenses sanitizer solution
  • Reports sanitizer usage
  • Reports sanitizer empty
  • Reports temperature pass or fail
  • Reports low battery
  • Customizable alerts based on any functionality
  • Records room temperature wherever device is located
  • Customizable alerts & triggers
  • Fully automated reporting
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