About Us

SBI’s Vision (Continued)

SBI is simply making things smarter & safer. By delivering real world wired & wireless solutions using intelligent technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), PoE (Power over Ethernet), and manufacturers that support open architecture. The open architecture simply means we support devices that openly communicate with all other devices through programming language that can connect all your devices together seamlessly. With the explosion of wireless technology there is a great demand for more speed and faster connectivity. This is changing & impacting how we interact in this dawn of another big leap in a digital evolution such as 5G. We are dedicated from the backbone to the latest integration technology.

SBI is here to explain the complex technical jargon into an easy-to-understand format clearly illustrating value and benefits. SBI executes this vision through our deep professional understanding and added value to each customer to guide them with a partner that cares more about the client’s needs.

SBI is ready to deliver our services through a collaborative team of specialized coalition of quality professionals. We specialize in RF design, engineering, construction, installation, PoE, IoT, Structured Cabling (fiber & copper), programming, cyber security & commissioning with ongoing development in software, hardware & secure building automation integration. At SBI we are here to support every space making this affordable to be present in a future delivering safer smarter buildings!

Quote From SBI’s Founders…

We see a vision of all the spaces we connect using innovative technology to blend in the background focusing on creating an immersive user experience. Our goal is to blend and connect all these technologies for any space any size and making this achievable & affordable for all spaces. SBI can design, build and integrate all of these products under one platform. This gives you control, security & the connectivity of your space as SBI is connecting things smarter!

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